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Sell Your Car In Greensboro

Sell Your Car

At Cash For Cars Greensboro, we understand that you have many options for selling a vehicle and we believe that we are your best choice. Why? Because we eliminate all the headaches of selling a car in other ways. With so many cars on the market today, selling a car on your own can drag out for months and eat away at your valuable time. It can even get expensive after you pay for listing fees and the gas for multiple test drives. Beyond traditional costs, your time is valuable. You will spend time crafting a description to post to classifieds and talking with potential buyers—many of whom will likely plan to make offers that are lower than you can consider. Alternatively, you could trade your car in at a dealership. You may have seen the ads on television promising you enormous trade-in values and other incentives. Don’t be fooled. The promise that these ads make will quickly fall apart when you walk in the dealership’s door. Stipulations and fine print eat away at the trade in value and they count on you not reading the fine print.

We can offer you a better service on both accounts. Our business is dependent on our ability to buy cars efficiently. This means that you can receive a cash offer after just one phone call. That could save you months of struggling through the classifieds option! We are also dedicated to providing an honest service which means you’ll never find a hidden fee or small print in our paperwork. All you’ll get from us is fast and quality service.

How to Sell To Us

Step 1 : Set aside ten minutes of your day and give us a call. Be prepared to answer some basic questions about your vehicle including: make, model, year, and condition. And if you have any questions of your own, ask at anytime; we are here to serve you first and foremost. At the end of the phone call, we will let you know if we are interested in buying your vehicle and how much we are willing to pay in cash.

Step 2: If you accept our offer, you can schedule a time to meet us and finalize the sale. We will meet you whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. We will guide you through signing the necessary forms and pay you on the spot before driving or towing your vehicle away. It’s just that easy!

What Our Clients Say

"After having a baby, my wife and I decided our old car wasn't going to cut it anymore. The classified ads weren't generating any interest, so I wasn't sure we would ever be able to sell the car. This company came and bought it the day after I called them."